The chicken and the Kevlar glove

On the Wicked Edge forum Dennis wrote how he managed to cut himself so badly that his hand needed to be stitched together.

Someone then suggested the use of Kevlar gloves. This reminded me that I wanted to test those gloves, so I ordered a pair.

The gloves arrived last weekend. They are the cheap variety, only a few Euros per pair. They fit quite comfortably, though, and feel a bit like woolen gloves. I almost felt sorry I’d subject them to some mean testing.

I put on the gloves and lightly ran a knife through my hands. The gloves did not give in and it actually felt as if they could withstand some heavier slicing. But I decided my hands were too valuable to me to involve them in this test.

So I tried to find a substitute for my hand. I ended up with a brilliant idea:

I had a chicken butchered, plucked and cut up. Then I picked up the result at the supermarket. Here she is.

I put on the chicken my right-hand glove. The chicken had had worse clothes in her life.

Then I tried to slice the chicken.

But no matter how hard I tried, the glove wouldn’t give in. Hard pressure, subtle pressure, slicing or push cutting, the glove protected the chicken beautifully. Only then I realized Kevlar is special stuff.

I tried cutting the other side of the glove.

But to no avail.

Even though the gloves were quite comfortable and they would have prevented Dennis from a trip to the hospital, I still couldn’t see myself wearing these gloves while sharpening a knife.

I could see a practical purpose for these gloves, however. When I open oysters, I always use a towel to protect the hand that holds the oyster. But even then it sometimes occurs to me that my other hand might slip and that I could hurt myself. So I wondered whether the glove would also protect against stabbing.

So I dressed up the chicken again, took my Japanese petty knife and gave the chicken a good stab…

Utterly dead.

Now this Japanese knife is one of the sharpest and pointiest things in my house, so I thought my rather blunt oyster knife might be less effective. So I stabbed the chicken again…

Dead again.

So now I have left a Kevlar glove that protects well against slicing, but not against stabbing.

And I had a dead chicken. Until tonight.

2 thoughts on “The chicken and the Kevlar glove

  1. Thank you Mark. Very good test and presentation! I picked up a pair at a local Graingers. I wanted to be able to try them on first, rather than gamble on a good fit, buying online. I will be sharpening some knives today and give them the test run.

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